What can we offer you...
  • Concept and offer development  

  • Commercial feasibility analysis

  • 1-2-1 food development audit, and action planning sessions

  • Production and service areas layout and design guidance

  • Menu design and content, promotions and launch tactics and services

  • Products sourcing, supply set up and monitoring

  • Dish costings production


Examples of the fantastic training we can provide:
  • Growing your pub food sales and margin 

  • Pub Chefs and Cooks offer development

  • Setting up a food offer in a wet led pub

  • New menu launch training (Hotels)Pizza workshop (with pizza Si)

Food Profit Formula for Pubs On Line Training

Online Tutoring

Our ‘Food Profit Formula For Pubs’ process shows our proven, stepping stone approach, to developing and growing pub food sales and margin, behind each key step we have formulated a detailed and unique robust sub process, that results in maximising the food offer based on each individual pub we support.​​

See why everyone is a winner with this brand new unique on line pre-entry pub food foundation course. Take a quick sneak preview here.

FPF4P Everyones a winner pic.jpg
FPF4P chapters pic.jpg



Pro-Position work with a few selected suppliers to produce unique products for the foodservice sector.

Unique products that we would love to introduce you to:


The team at Inside The Box Food Service Limited, work closely with its valued customers to develop and produce, innovative, robust, consumer focused, ambient food boxes for all sectors across all day parts. We pride ourselves on our service levels, account management support, flexibility and ability to move swiftly.



Bergia Combi Frites – the world’s fastest oven chips and microwave chips! 

11er – Unique rosti products



We understand operators and talk their language, if you need exhibition and or cook demo support to staff your stand then talk to us.